ATF Station


We can now offer MOT on all HGV's and PSV's at our Brackmills Depot. We have been appointed by VOSA to become an Authorised Testing Facility(ATF) allowing us to carry out testing on-site.

Bookings are available on Request

We also offer:

  1. Voluntary Headlamp Test
  2. Smoke Test
  3. Brake Test

Our restrictions are:

  1. vehicles no taller than 15.9ft, 4.8m.
  2. All Vehicles must be loaded
  3. No Dangerous Goods vehicles.
  4. No petrol vehicles tested.

Telephone: 01604 754566 or
email: for Bookings & Enquiries Address: John Bull House, Oxwich Close, Brackmills, Northampton, NN4 7BH